Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Black Screen [fix]

So after working to the early mornings on my 6th and final assignment for first years, I awoke to find my macbook pro would no longer display the desktop, normally any movement of the mouse or a keypress and the desktop would fire up instantly, not today. I could see that the hard drive was still on and the keyboard lights had come on, the differences I noticed were that the famous Apple logo behind the monitor did not illuminate and of course the screen was black. I forced a reboot and jumped back into bootcamp, the windows logo would appear and then I would see the black screen. What has happened I thought.

I retried again this time booting into Mac OSX, things were ok here. Next I tried booting into Windows safe mode and I was able to get in and the screen desktop appeared. So again, I tried normally booting and the same issue remained.

Back into safe mode I decided to check the event logs. Looking for anything unusal I started in Applications. I did not identify anything in Applications so I continued looking in System. Here I noticed a repeated bunch of Adobe Flash issues suggesting shutdowns had occurred, as they were reoccurring logs I dismissed these as the issue causing the black screen. I continued scouring the logs further and I found an entry that suggested an automatic update had occured at around 3:30am.

Event Log screenshot

The entry was deemed critical and automatic:

Windows Defender automatic update KB15597 (Definition 1.139.936.0)

As this time was during my absence from my computer and after the last time the monitor was working correctly, I concluded that this event was deemed important, so I decided to run a system restore in hope to get Windows back to its previous state. Firing up system restore I found that a restore point had occured at exactly the same time the update had been logged in the event log. So things were looking promising.

System restore screenshot

As see from the screen above, I chose the 3:27 restore and let windows do it things. After waiting about 3-4 mins, the system rebooted and I got back into bootcamp, the windows logo appeared again and after it disappeared the win logon did appear this time and the screen was no longer black. Woohoo!


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