#AltDevConf Student Summit 2012 – Day 1 Videos

Having caught a one day cold/flu yesterday and being bed ridden for most of the day. Then somehow gaining enough energy to attend a 21st birthday party that same night. I was actually surprised to find myself waking up this morning with only 5 hours sleep for the live stream cast of the AltDevConf Student Summit Conference for 2012. In hindsight it was probably not necessary as the sessions were all recorded. It was still interesting to hear what industry veterans had to say as well as seeing some of the student projects coming out from other schools.

Here is a list of the first day sessions, in predominantly, the order that they were presented.

AltDev Student Summit – Thinking Three Moves Ahead – Opening Keynote with Ian Schreiber

AltDev Student Summit – The Cutting Room Floor – George Kokoris

AltDev Student Summit – A Day in the Life of a Tools Programmer/Buildmaster – Alex Crouzen

AltDev Student Summit – Blue Screen Of Death – Travis Sanchez

AltDev Student Summit – A Day in the Life of a Solo Developer – Mitu Khandaker

AltDev Student Summit – OOP Is the Root of All Evil – Jeff Ward

The AltDev Student Showcase – Session 1

AltDev Student Summit – A Day in the Life of an Indie PR Guy – Erik Johnson

AltDev Student Summit – A Day in the Life of Scrabble! – Sharon Price

AltDev Student Summit – Managing Up – Dustin Clingman

AltDev Student Summit – Breaking In Panel

Edit 16/11/2012: All links have been updated to point to final edited videos.


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