#AltDevConf Student Summit 2012 – Day 2 Videos

Feeling a lot better today, I decided to finish what I started so with that I am back for day 2 of the AltDevConf Student Summit.

All kudos goes out to all the organisers and speakers, so thank you all. Here are todays videos:

AltDev Student Summit – Being the Voice of an Indie Company – Andrea Schmoll

AltDev Student Summit – What Software Developers Should Expect From the Games Industry – Ted Spence

AltDev Student Summit – What is Game Animation? – Mike Jungbluth

AltDev Student Summit – Essentials the Team Leads Need to See in Your Work – Benjamin Cavallari

AltDev Student Summit – A Day in the Life of a Creative Director – Jurie Horneman

AltDev Student Summit – DIY Development Jay Margalus and Phil Tibitoski

AltDev Student Summit — AAA Game Programming, A Day in the Life — Bobby Anguelov

AltDev Student Summit – The Intern’s Secret Survival Guide – Brandii Grace

AltDev Student Summit – Cultural Issues – Kate Edwards

AltDev Student Summit – I Can’t Believe I Do This For A Living: The Generalist Game Designer

AltDev Student Summit – A Day in the Life of a Games Writer – Anne Toole

AltDev Student Summit – Starting and Running a Company, From a Programmer’s Perspective – Rebecca Fernandez

AltDev Student Summit – From Playtester to CEO – Closing Keynote with Jen MacLean

Edit 16/11/2012: All links have been updated to point to final edited videos.


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  1. Hey Tony,
    We made the videos private as they were posted on our personal accounts rather than the conference one (one of the things with G+ Hangouts unfortunately). We’re also having to post-process a couple of them. I’ll try to remember to swing by and post an update here when we release them – there’s still a couple of hours of work left to do, and we’re trying to fit that in and get them out before the end of the week!

    • Thanks Luke for the update, from my perspective as long as the links don’t change then take all the time you need. My only concern at the time was I had noticed some outgoing traffic from this and yesterdays post were towards some videos that had been made private. So to alleviate any concerns I posted that message to highlight that the issue was known.

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