Monthly Archives: January 2013

League of Lull

Literally weeks away from beginning second year at AIE and I for one am very eager. Mainly because I have taken my school holidays a little bit too relaxed, so I am in need of some structure. What has happened since my last post? Well a few things:

I got engaged to my long, long time girlfriend. A parting gift so to speak as she was leaving to go on holiday with a friend to America (San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Atlanta and NYC), Hawaii and Fiji. I decided to surprise her just days before both Christmas and her departure date.

The ring was a Verragio and up until about 6 months ago I never even knew such a designer even existed. It was only by chance perusing parts of pinterest that I discovered this hand made exclusive designer. So exclusive that here in Australia there are no retailers, distributors and manufacturers anywhere, nothing. Fortunately the internet age has made things a little easier and I was able to source an online retailer. It even had a useful website allowing me to select an appropriate style, diamond all online. The actual jeweller was situated in NYC, which was somewhat convenient considering the time I purchased the ring was very close to her departure date. So plan B was to have her pick up the ring from them while she was in NYC, fortunately the ring arrived several days before so plan B never eventuated. After the order, I waited 4 weeks only to receive a phone call that customs would not release a delivery of mine until I paided some taxes, some unforseen additional taxes mind you, to the sum of ~$1100. My immediate thought was, is this a hoax? Then a small inkling made me realise that it could possibly be due to the ring I had ordered, it was. I called the toll free number and this took me to FedEx where I later discovered the total tax could be broken down into 3 constituents which included GST (10% on total price), Duty (5% of total price) and admin (around $50). Now that doesn’t seem like a lot until you consider the ring itself set me back ~$9200AUD and I am no longer working which meant I had no income other than savings, so as you can imagine it hurt the pocket a little more than I had expected. In the end I had to pay for it, no point going this far and not getting what I ordered. Besides, most people only perform this act once and considering I had waited just over 10 years to ask, I felt the means out weighed the costs.

Christmas week towards new years saw my cousin and her friend fly in from interstate to visit me. Having moved from Adelaide we did leave behind a lot of family and friends so it was refreshing to see some family especially during Christmas time. Additionally the added benefit for someone visiting me in Sydney after living here for 2 years I was able to show them all the good spots and a taste of what I found interesting about Sydney. Which is not to say the touristy adventures were out, they still happened, only I listed the goods ones or the ones I never had tried before.

However, after they left I feel into a rut and was not over productive, my sleep was a mess and I was not doing much programming or blogging. The only positive was I increased my gym attendance for 3-4 times a week to everyday and I continued this for about 3 weeks straight. The idea was to tire myself out so I could sleep better, however, it instead created more energy and I was finding it had the opposite effect. My mind started thinking about all sorts of game ideas.

Today I can say my sleep is still a mess though it is gaining some normality. Over the next few days I will aim to get back to programming and what better than to contribute on a topic I have always been interested in, physics in games. So with that I have chosen to experiment with Box2D. Hopefully I can post some simple code samples on here with the aim that I will build it up to a game demo prototype of some sort.