Research assignment – Kinect sensor

As part of this years assessment we are given the opportunity to research an advanced topic on anything we so desire within the games industry. Provided it wasnt something we had not previously researched prior and wasnt something we could produce over the weekend or last minute. 104 hours is the recommended time one needs to spend on research and it is to cover the entire year, with presentation at the end in front of peers and academia.

So with that I have chosen a subject that I have had some interest in, the kinect sensor. Mainly the areas of animation and motion capture, it also has speech recognition, a hand gesture API and depth sensing and various other items that I wont list here. Granted if I have time I will visit each of the topics individually, I have decided I want the largest time allocated for motion capture and animation.

Here is an outline of the milestone and topics I want to visit and present.

Human skeleton and joint movement

  • Tracking hand movements and skeleton tracking IDs
  • Processing skeleton frames
  • Bones and joints tracking and live feedback
  • Motion capture and controlling rigs

Colour image data stream

  • Event and polling
  • Enabling, disabling, attaching processing and rendering

Depth image processing

  • Triangulation
  • Depth frame
  • Calculating distance and colourizing data
  • 3d view of depth, creating model

Speech recognition

  • How it works
  • Speech recogniser

Human gesture recognition

  • Gesture recogniser
  • Algorithmic gesture – extending gesturehelper class to include zoom in, zoom out, swipe to right classes.
  • Neural networks

Kinect in the cloud

  • Windows azure
  • Remoting using windows phone

Depending on time and how difficlt each topic might be these may or may not change in future.


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