Game Brainstorming Ideas

Team Taco is incorporated and here are the games we have brainstormed.

1. Magic Animals Escape:
Magic animals join forces to escape a pet shop that is on fire.

2. Animal Control Greyhound:
Punters didn’t bet on this greyhound jumping the fence. They bit off more than they could
chew, literally.

3. Running of the Bulls:
Impale as many people as you can. Avoid matadors.

4. Extreme Chair Balance:
Paper Toss meets Chair Balancing. Overthrow and you die.

5. Skydiving Game:
Becareful not to be sucked into a planes engine. Avoid obstacles while falling. Hit checkpoints
while falling.

6. Bird Shitting Game:
Jump from tree to tree as a sneaky bird shitting on innocent people. Hit babies for more points.

7. Wrecking ball vs Wrecking Ball
Taking strikes to a whole new level. Two disgruntled crane workers decide to strike by causing

8. Text and Drive:
Everyone knows how dangerous it is, but everyone does it. So we want to teach people the
reasons not to.

9. Escape UTS:
The famous crane that hit the building next to UTS, this is what would of happened if it hit the
UTS building, in drunk mode.

10. Hurricane Destruction:
Control a tornado as it tears through a city, get points by collecting as many objects as possible.

11. Balancing Tight Rope:
Jousting meets acrobats. Balance while trying to knock off your opposing acrobat.

12. Lumber Jacks vs. Beavers:
Try and get to the middle of the tree before your opponent to kill him.

13. Do You Even lift?
The aim of the game is to continously lift weifht ‘ guilitone’ style to build those sweet upper

14. AI Tower Defense:
Towers only fire when the camera can see them. Move the camera to power up those towers.

15. Drunk Knife Throwing:
Throw knives at a player on a spinning target… While drunk.

16. Drunk Driving Grand Prix:
Formula one driver kills people, in a drunken rage.

17. Hide in Basement:
Based on a true story. Sneak up at night and steal food from your mother who has kicked you
out of home. Spend the rest of your days playing LOL.

18. Monkey Business:
Shoot targets which launch bananas at you and you have to catch them.

19. Pigeon Guide Deluxe:
Guide a flock of pigeons as they fly north for the summer, or south. Pigeons are dumb, guide
them around planes and obstacles.

20. Wifeception:
Steal stuff for your beloved wife as she investigates who is stealing stuff.

21. Taco Tactics Lite:
Turn based game where you have to build your Mexican enterprise to take on your rival.

22. Hair Dresser Simulator:
Cut customers hair without cutting their ears. Become a professional barber and shave them,
with a straight edge razor. Enough said?

23. Chef Simulator:
Control a Burger King and flip burgers for your life. Remember, you are a bit uncoordinated
and burn easily.

24. Vine vs Gardener:
Be one of those annoying leech trees and strangle the life out of other trees. The gardener will
come to trim you down however.

25. Thieves ‘r’ Us:
Pace the street and pick your victim. Call in your hoons to steal that 60″ TV that you dream of.
Build the ultimate organisation.

26. Affair Escape:
Don’t get caught sleeping with your mates wife. Escape the house without your friend seeing.
Stay in the dark the whole time.


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