Prototype Week1 – Text N Drive

Of all the interesting ideas we shortlisted last time, the decision to choose our first prototype was a simple one in the end. As drivers we are all too familiar with the real notion that texting and driving is dangerous and in some circumstances fatal so we wondered what if a game could be made from this. A game where you are the driver and you are given instructions to text someone. Add oncoming traffic, low light conditions and blurring and as you can imagine the kinds of shenanigans a player could be in for. Text N Drive promises to be both a fun and a unique concept and one that should investigated further.

Our story revolves around the idea that you have an overly attached girlfriend texting you as you are on your way home to see her. The game depicts you in the drivers seat and as each text comes in from her it is your job to replay to scripted sentences. Blurring occurs to reduce visibility and will not be removed until the text is typed correctly.

protoweek1-textndrive-1 protoweek1-textndrive-2

Controls are: Steer Left (left arrow), Steer Right (right arrow) and keyboard typing when mobile appears, messages to reply to are not case sensitive and spaces can be ignored.

Time and material: 3 Programmers and 4 Artist, 2 school days to make.

Check out the end result of the game prototype, here.


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