Prototype Week2 – Hurricane Derby

Due to a shorter week, we knew we had to choose a game from our list that was both fun and achieveable. The game with simplest mechanics was deemed Hurricane Derby and it was the game we set forth to make. A small change this week as well to the team. A new member joined from another team, as this was within the rules of prototype week we decided to give the new guy, who happened to be an artist, a try. His skills in creating realistic greybox assets in short time really helped see this particular prototype come to fruition very easily. Mainly because one of the other artist was beginning to show his reputation of slacking off.
The idea was simple, you are a tornado and it’s your job to destroy as many objects in the game as you can in the fastest possible time you can. Points are awarded for destroying multiple objects chained together. Health is restored by finding the golden cow. The game ends when nothing else remains in the level to destroy or when the timer runs out. What we realised after naming it Hurricane derby was there was little hurricane and more tornado, however, since we didnt want to redo our branding that had been created by the concept artist, the name stuck so we kept it.

prototype-week2-1 prototype-week2-2



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