Prototype Week3 – Bug Extermination

This week was back to normal in terms of time allowed, we were back to 3 days instead of 2. Last week being interupted and shorter due to a public holiday. Another change was made to the team, another new artist was added and we were now 5 artist strong. This week extra day allowed us to experiment more with mechanics, but what was alleviating us going into this week was a concrete game idea. A few arose, but in the end we were undecided upon two game running of the bulls, my top pick and a rocket jumping game similar to quake in mechanics but with puzzle elements. I prepared a mini prototype going into the week but it wasnt enough as the team decided upon the rocket game that later evolved into a bug extermination game 3rd person puzzler. Similar to tombraider but with bugs as enemies and the main character wielding a rocket laucher instead of dual pistols.

prototype-week3 prototype-week3-1 prototype-week3-2


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