Monthly Archives: November 2013

Katastrophe! goes gold

After 12 weeks of planning, scheduling, managing, meetings, designing, codings, bug fixing, optimisations and for me multiple weekends and after school hours meticulously tweaking, researching specific areas until my tasks behaved as I envisaged my parts to behave, e.g. Mirror reflection and controls, Collectable AI, Puzzle FSM, Save and load manager, shaders development, XML Achievement system, GUI creation facilitated by NGUI and Occlusion tuning, Dimidium Games is proud to present the final release version of Katastrophe. Post mortem to follow. For the time being you can grab a copy of the installer here.

screenshot screenshot1screenshot2 screenshot11screenshot13 screenshot14 screenshot20 screenshot23 screenshot25 screenshot31 screenshot32 screenshot36 screenshot38 screenshot40 screenshot43 screenshot47