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Enabling dropbox public folder

So today I finally signed up for a Dropbox account, up until now I had no reason to use it. That was until I noticed a pattern where most students were using it to publish their unity games online. So with that I signed up, only to discover straight away that I could not share my links. Well not easily or straight forward as the instructions led me to believe. Just place the unity file and webplayer file into your public folders they said, then copy and display the public link to a webpage and your done.

Only problem, there was no more public folders. What had happened is recently, and by recent I mean last month, dropbox in their infinite wisdom decided to disable public folders for all new accounts. All current accounts will still work the same only new account have it disabled.

Which ultimately means they must still exist, so how to get to it and more importantly how to enable it.

Well if you’ve been reading this far, it is just as easy as following this link, you might need an account for it to work correctly. Hit the enable button and you get your public folder back.