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VS2012 Model Editor

Tonight while trying to familiarise myself with some animation files in Unity3D, I stumbled across an unusual feature within Visual Studio. It all happened when I tried to run some animations on a model included within a package I had downloaded, I doubled clicked what seemed to be the animation file in a hopes that it would play the animation I had chosen. Instead, Visual Studio executed and I found myself looking at what seemed to be a modelling editor, all contained within Visual Studio. I remember thinking immediately that this was both unsual and cool and the same time. After the initial shock had settled I went to check out how powerful this editor was.

Having played around a bit inside 3DSMax, Maya and Blender, I recognised that it had implemented the basics of a typical 3D modeling tool, such as the ability to translate, rotate, scale and create primitive shapes. On closer inspection I found you could also select and choose to display either overdraw, wireframe or flat shading. Further investigation unravelled the ability to show poly and vertex count, display backface culling, choose graphics engine, scene manager and looking at the official documentation from Microsoft, I later discovered you can even create shaders using a inbuilt node-based visual shader tool.

VS2012 Model editor

VS2012 Model editor