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Visual Studio 10 – COFF: file invalid or corrupt

So today I was trying to experiment with some flocking code and what better way to learnĀ  than to see existing code written in C++ demostrating this. Only problem I saw was it was written using visual studio 2002, not usually a problem but I often find converting code targetted for very old compilers usually leads to all sorts of trouble when using todays compilers.

Having used Visual Studio since version 6, I pretty much acquired every version of Visual Studio since then and had copies either lying around and/or installed on older hard drives and computers. In saying that I have not spent the time to update my new macbook pro (windows 7 running in bootcamp), so to conserve space I have only the 2010 and the just released 2012 visual studios installed.

Based on personal preference I find myself more drawn to the metro look, so I initially converted the system using vs2012. Only to find that the code base required MFC and due to trying to conserve code space or at least thinking that I had already installed MFC for vs2010 that the two systems would shared its location. Not to be. So I backtracked and converted another copy of the original 2002 solution, this time suing vs2010 to convert. All went successfully until I tried to build where I received this error.

LINK: fatal error LNK1123: failure during conversion to COFF: file invalid or corrupt

Building this on my second desktop computer, I found the error didn’t exist. The problem arises because of a fix made in Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1, which had been applied to my desktop but had not yet been installed on my MBP.