Halloween GameJam

In this 48 hour gamejam, the theme was to create something that included the human body, use plently of gore and to not include any sexual content. Being our second game jam and the second time using Unity3D, we went into this a little more prepared. Sleep was a priority not a necessity this time and we had scripts on hand that would assist in making our games. The game we decided on was called Zombies on Ice. It was something we were going to make irregardless of the topic on the day. We also organised artists to be on our team this time round, asking for one we got three. Unfortunately, on the morning of the game jam all three pulled out, they were deeply sorry and we certainly held no grudges, it was kinda sad in that we were looking forward to having proper 3D models this time round rather than cubes.

So we made do with what we had, a team of 3 programmers. One in charge of level design, another for player and another for enemy and AI. My strengths are in AI so as usual I was placed on AI for this project again. I used a free A* package to calculate how the enemies would track the player. After following the officail tutorials, I could not get the path finding to work as expected. So I opened up a working example scene file and cut it up, grabbing the bits that I needed and removed the bits that I didnt until it was working the way I envisioned it to. I may revisit getting A* to work from the tuts, mainly for personal understanding. Since we didnt have much time, I left it and just got it working.

The next day came, the level was working, player was moving and the enemies were following. I continued by including blood splatter and camera blood splatter. By this time most of the guys were demotivated so I proposed an idea. Why not add the hodgetwins sound when they get a killstreak. Hodgetwins being a youtube channel we would watch on occassions just for their ridiculously amusing intro’s and their opinions on their shows. This was all the motivation they needed and they were able to add a ‘Yeaaaah’ sound. The killstreaks wasn’t implemented, instead each time you reached a multiple of ten kills the sound was played. Other sounds were also added, a zombie groan when you were attacked. This turned out very quiet for some reason. Finally a menu and end game screen was added including score and a camera follow script was implemented. We were pretty happy with the result.

zombies on ice intro screen zombies on ice ingame screen 1 zombies on ice ingame screen 2

Playable demo is here.


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